Video Meetings are Here to Stay. Part II: Put your Best Face Forward

Video Meetings are Here to Stay. Part II: Put your Best Face Forward

In our last post, which we highly recommend you read, we gave you our top practical tips on how to enhance your natural beauty for video conferences and meetings. It was all about choosing the right light, setting your laptop screen at the correct height and ensuring you show your best angle to the virtual world out there!

For this post, however, we are stepping it up a notch to bring you an arsenal of longer-term cosmetic treatments, which will enhance your confidence and deliver natural-looking results that you will love!



Lumea’s cosmetic solutions to enhance your everyday natural beauty

Frown lines, concentration lines and crows feet aka your sunshine/sunray lines
Anti-wrinkle injections are the best treatment for these issues; however, care needs to be taken to not over-treat any of the areas – this is especially important if you naturally smile with your eyes.

For lines around the mouth aka peri-oral lines or smoker lines
While anti-wrinkle injections are great solutions for the aforementioned facial areas prone to wrinkles, they can also work brilliantly for the area around the lips, especially in conjunction with some skin boosters.

For double chin and neck bands aka hanging jowls
Luckily, we have a few super solutions to treat these problematic areas – which can be particularly unflattering on video calls – namely, anti-wrinkle injections or fat dissolving injections. And, in some circumstances, we may even recommend using these effective cosmetic treatments collectively to help give you the results you desire.

For sad mouth at rest
These are the result of the pesky muscles that pull down the corners of your mouth while it’s closed, which may make you seem stern or unfriendly. Good news is that anti-wrinkle injections will prevent these muscles from pulling down the corners of your mouth, creating a gentler appearance.

Soften prominent smile lines aka nasolabial lines with subtle cheek volume
The loss of cheek volume is often the cause of noticeable nasolabial lines; therefore, we frequently treat the cheeks and not the actual lines themselves. Our cosmetic team takes extra care to avoid overfilling the cheeks. Why?  Because it is also important to realise that some nasolabial lines are natural, and looking natural is best.

Dark circles under eyes
Dermal fillers administered to the tear troughs are excellent for treating tired-looking eyes. Also, to ensure the most natural-looking results, we quite often suggest the restoration of some cheek volume too!  Remember, when it comes to dark circles, it is important to realise that the 100% correction in photoshopped photos doesn’t reflect a natural look in real life.  So, always try to be kind and embrace your unique, beautiful self.

For subtle lip volume
A dermal filler or skin booster can be carefully injected into the lips to help restore lip volume or hydrate the lips.  At our clinic, we like to take the natural approach, therefore no trout pouts!

For facial sliming or square or wide-looking jawline
Treated with anti-wrikle to the masseter muscle can create a softer-looking appearance. If needed, the anti-wrinkle treatment can be combined with fillers to the chin area to create a more oval looking face.

Teeth grinding aka bruxism
If you are prone to stress, a typical unconscious symptom can be teeth grinding (bruxism). Anti-wrinkle injections into the masseter muscle, at the angel of the jaw, can help treat bruxism, while helping to prevent further damage to your teeth.

Skin inflammation, breakouts and rashes  
With the right advice, a change to your skincare route can genuinely change how you look and feel about your appearance.  Effective skincare coupled with prescriptive skin boosters can be the key to you looking luminous, in both the real world and in the virtual one!

We hope our posts have given you an array of solutions to help you look and feel your best on video calls. Let us know if you have any tips or secrets you use that you’d like to share with us, or if you want to chat with us about how our cosmetic solutions that can help you to embrace your unique individuality!


Best wishes,

Dr Toro & The Lumea Aesthetics Team