Video Meetings are Here to Stay. Part I: Put your Best Face Forward

Video Meetings are Here to Stay. Part I: Put your Best Face Forward

Confession time! While sitting in a video conference this week, I kept on being distracted by my reflection in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Distracted by the voice in my head, “Is that what I actually look like to everyone else on video? Am I putting my best face forward?”

Seeing yourself through a video conference reflection lens is much like hearing a recording of your voice; comforted by the natural familiarity, yet confused by the unexpected discrepancies to your self-perceptions.

With virtual meetings with clients and colleagues – often in casual bottoms – becoming the new normal, we thought it was time to bring you some tips on how to enhance your individuality in the virtual world – be it on Zoom, Facetime or Skype.

As such, in this two series post, we’ve firstly summed up some practical tricks you can start with today, before detailing some of our cosmetic treatments for longer-term outcomes, that you will love. Why? Because we know it takes more than good lighting or perching a laptop on a pile of books to make you look your best and feel confident in front of a camera. But don’t worry, as long as you stay seated while on a video call, casual comfy bottoms are always allowed!




Best face forward – top video enhancement tricks you can use today

Lighting your face is key
It’s best to set up facing a window – diffused natural light is the most flattering. If it’s not sunny, switch on a lamp and place it behind your screen. Our favourite tip is the most practical: walk around the house with your phone on Facetime until you find the best lighting, and then set your laptop up there.



Face your camera at the right angle
Set up your laptop or phone so that you look slightly up into the camera – there’s a good reason why the best Instagram selfies are often taken from above. It helps to lift your chin a little and keeps your eyes open. Our top tip: Try not to look at your image in the small box on the screen all the time – it’s hard not to, we know!  Look at the camera.



Avoid sitting too close to your laptop
The camera has a wide-angle lens, which will distort your face. But you also want to sit close enough to reach the keyboard. Do a quick check on Zoom’s “New Meeting” tab before a meeting starts. It buys you valuable time to make some minor adjustments and remind you that it is only your top half that can be seen – hence comfy bottoms are always ok.



Embrace reality
Accepting and owning the imperfections of every-day home life is where your true natural beauty lies. Smiling at your noisy toddler who has chosen that exact moment to re-style your hair or at your partner who has unintentionally interrupted your meeting is what makes you, you – naturally unique and relatable!



We hope our posts have given you some new tricks for looking your best on video calls. Let us know if you have any tips or secrets you use that you’d like to share with us, or if you want to chat to us about our cosmetic solutions to help you embrace your unique individuality!



Best wishes,

Dr Toro & The Lumea Aesthetics Team