Our philosophy of 'less is more' results in a subtle, more natural outcome.

How does pricing work at Lumea Aesthetics?

Our general philosophy is to use the least amount of product required to achieve your desired outcome, with the goal of creating natural-looking results.


Every treatment plan starts with a comprehensive, in-person consultation that is critical for a proper assessment of your situation and needs. This allows our practitioners will be able to formulate a personal plan prior to you proceeding with any treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which fillers and brands do you use?

Australian law prevents us from using the names of anti-wrinkle and dermal filler products on the website. This is why we have to use the term ‘anti-wrinkle injections’ rather than the name of the brand.

How much do dermal fillers cost?

The cost of dermal filler depends on how much is used, with the cost per ml decreasing the larger the treatment. It also depends on the area treated, with delicate areas like lips and under the eye requiring a different approach to the lower face and cheeks. At Lumea Aesthetics, we only use the highest quality dermal filler product. A general price guide is below:


1ml: $700
2ml: $1,400
3ml: $2,050
4ml: $2,650
How much do anti-wrinkle injections cost at Lumea Aesthetics?

Each unit at Lumea Aesthetics is $4.60, with a ‘unit’ being a specific, measured amount of anti-wrinkle product. Note that when we treat the forehead in women, we always recommend treating frown lines at the same time to keep a natural, balanced look. Exact costs of your anti-wrinkle treatment can only be determined after a full consultation. Please use these below prices as a guide only.


  • Forehead treatment: $70 – $140
  • Frown lines: $210 – $280
  • Crows feet: $140 – $280
  • Facial slimming: from $560
  • Teeth grinding: from $140
How much do double chin injections cost?

One single vial is priced from $600. Most patients use two vials per treatment and you may need up to four treatments to see optimum results.

How much do you charge for a thread lift treatment?

Thread lifts cost from $2,500 depending on the number of threads used. They are a great option for clients who have loose or sagging skin in the lower face such as the jowls, cheeks and jawline, or who are looking for a lift without needing surgery.

How many anti-wrinkle units do men need compared to women?

A male face typically needs approximately 50% more units than a female face but individual requirements can vary. Men tend to have stronger facial muscles which require more anti-wrinkle product to have the desired effect.

What is the starting cost of a skin peel?

Our lighter skin peels start at the $100 mark.

How much are fat-dissolving injections?

Each vial of fat-dissolving product is $600, with most clients needing two to three vials per treatment. A complete treatment course consists of two to three sessions, each a month apart.

Payment Options

We accept several different payment methods including cash, EFTPOS, Visa and Mastercard.


We are an approved merchant with ZipMoney. If you are wanting to pay using ZipMoney please apply for a ZipMoney account on their website, and download the ZipMoney phone app, prior to attending your appointment.