Our philosophy is to use the least amount of product required to achieve your desired outcome

How does pricing work at Lumea Aesthetics?

Every treatment plan starts with an honest and comprehensive consultation with one of our highly experienced medical practitioners to help you achieve natural-looking results.

Below is the price guides for the different cosmetic treatments we offer at our relaxed and welcoming, yet discreet and luxurious Melbourne clinic.

Pricing for our most popular treatments

Anti-wrinkle injections
The prices below are a guide only as a full consultation is needed.
  • Forehead lines: from $70
  • Frown lines: from $250
  • Crows feet: from $140
  • Facial slimming: from $560
  • Teeth grinding: from $140
Packages for multiple areas:

  • Chin sculpt (one treatment only, includes neck and jaw line): $1,099
  • Face and neck lift: $1,500
  • Neck and decolletage: $1,099
  • Bottom and arms: $1,599
  • Bottom (includes two sessions, three months apart): $1,899
  • Inner and outer thigh: $2,299
Packages for multiple treatments:

  • Chin sculpt duo (includes two sessions, three months apart): $1,899
  • Abdomen (includes two sessions, three months apart): $2,299
  • Love handles (includes two sessions, three months apart): $2,199

Individual treatment sessions:

  • Brow lift (includes forehead only): $350
  • Luxe brow lift (includes forehead and eye area): $399
  • Face lift: $1,199
  • Neck lift: $599
  • Face and neck lift: $1,500
  • Jaw line: $599
  • Decolletage: $699
  • Arms (both): $799
  • Abdomen: $1,299
  • Love handles (both sides): $1,199
  • Inner thigh (both sides): $1,099
  • Outer thigh (both sides): $1,499
  • Bottom (both sides): $1,099
Dermal fillers

Only the highest quality dermal filler products are used. Our prices per ml are listed below:

  • 1ml: $700
  • 2ml: $1,400
  • 3ml: $2,050
  • 4ml: $2,650
Double chin injections

One vial is $500 and usually, two to three vials are used per session.  Most patients will require two to four sessions, approximately one month apart.

Thread lifts

Thread lifts cost $550 per thread. The number of threads per patient varies greatly. As a starting point, most patients tend to require four threads.

Chemical peels

The cost varies depending on the strength of peel required. Upon consultation, a treatment plan will be discussed to suit your individual skin type and goals.

Prices start from $120

Fat-dissolving injections

One vial is $500.  The number of vials and sessions needed are dependant on the size of the treatment area.


Facial (includes LED & deep hydration mask):$165

IV nutrition therapy
  • Hydrator: for the busy and tired – from $110
  • Immunity Infusion: for keeping in top shape – from $270
  • Lumea energiser: for low energy levels – from $230
  • Prep and Recovery: for peak fitness performance – from $275
  • Relax and energise: for mums and dads on the go – from $310
  • Luminous skin: for a lighter complexion – from $325
  • Glowing skin: for beauty from the inside out -from $320
  • Iron Infusion: for those tired and weak with low iron – from $220
  • Vegan infusion: for supplementing your diet – from $220
  • Lumea-C infusion: for healthy skin and immune system – from $170
  • Hangover Cure: for having a little too much last night – from $260
  • Lumea-NAD+: for helping reverse cell damage – price on appointment

Additional vitamins and minerals can be added to your IV Nutrition Therapy.  This will be discussed during your consultation.

IM boosters
  • Lumea-B complex booster: for overall cell and neurological health – from $55
  • Lumea-B12 booster: for a healthy brain, blood and cells – from $55
  • Lumea-D booster: for when you can’t get enough sunshine – from $65
Laser resurfacing

Costs depend on the treatment area and the results you’re after, which dictate how deep the laser will need to penetrate into your skin – we’ll discuss the options with you in-depth during your initial consultation.

A guide on pricing at different depth is below.

Superficial to mid depth:

  • Face: $350
  • Face & Neck: $450
  • Face, Neck & Décolletage: $650

Mid to high depth:

  • Face: $450
  • Face & Neck: $650
  • Face, Neck & Décolletage : $850
Micropen microneedling
  • Face: $250
  • Face & neck: $375
  • Face, neck & décolletage: $500
RF Microneedling
  • Face: $650
  • Face & neck: $850
  • Face, neck & décolletage: $1050
LED light treatment
  • LED Light Treatment: $90
  • LED Light Facial (includes exfoliation & deep hydration mask): $165

Packages available for LED treatments

Payment Options

We accept several different payment methods including cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard and Zip.