Lip Treatments

Give your lips a fuller look and restore their natural sense of proportion.

Dermal fillers and anti wrinkle treatments can be used to restore lip volume lost over time.

The body of the lip is the most commonly enhanced area, giving the lip volume and everting the inside of the lip out slightly. This is done to the top and bottom lip in most cases to achieve a natural balance and appearance between them.


We can even help improve the look of wrinkles around the lips (peri-oral lines) by revitalising the skin (with skin boosters for hydration) and making it less prone to wrinkling (with anti-wrinkle treatments). Correcting the fine lines on the upper lip, or lifting the corners of the mouth can all be just as important as enhancement of the lips themselves. Correcting one without the other can lead to an imbalance in the overall appearance of the lips.

Lip Treatments Melbourne
Lip Treatments Melbourne

Are lip treatments right for me?

We specialise in lip treatments that are balanced and with a natural proportion, with no alarming, unnatural or ‘over done’ end results.

How is injectable lip filler performed?

Injectable lip enhancement is usually performed with temporary dermal fillers.

How long will dermal lip filler last?

The dermal filler that we use at Lumea Aesthetics usually lasts between 6–12 months but this can vary from person to person and the amount of dermal filler used. The fillers we use for the lips are non-permanent.

Are dermal lip fillers permanent?

No, the lip dermal fillers we use are not permanent. In our opinion is is unsafe to use permanent filler as it cannot be dissolved if required.

What other areas of lips can be treated?

A beautiful end result is usually the combination of several treatments that work around the lip area, not just using fillers on the lips themselves.

Correction of vertical upper lip lines, if present, is also important in the enhancement of lips. This area is often a key area of concern for patients, and can be softened with a variety of fillers.

We also use anti-wrinkle injections for peri-oral or smoker lines. These soften and in some cases stop the lines forming. A similar treatment can also help gummy smiles, leading to less gum showing when you smile. We can also subtly enhance the lip by rolling the lip outward, creating the illusion of a fuller lip — without the added volume.

What to expect

Our doctor-lead team are trained to achieve beautiful, natural-looking lips. Our philosophy is to enhance your lips whilst keeping your individuality, producing a pleasing and natural result. Starting with a full consultation, our team takes the time to discuss your needs and understand exactly what you would like to achieve.


Our injectable lip enhancement is performed with non-permanent dermal fillers. We predominantly perform the treatment using a cannula (a blunt ended ‘needle’), rather than a standard needle. This significantly reduces the amount of swelling and bruising. Our dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid which occurs naturally in the body and attracts water to soft tissues, in order to plump them up. This creates volume – but remember: less is more. Ice, local anaesthetic and sometimes dental blocks are used to keep patient comfortable as the lip is a sensitive area.