About Lumea Aesthetics

Embracing your individuality. Simple treatments that focus on your desired aesthetic outcome.

Why choose Lumea Aesthetics


We help our clients embrace their unique individuality. Under our care, they receive highly personalised treatment plans in our Melbourne clinic, while our state-of-the-art, non-surgical treatments are all performed by an experienced team led by a qualified cosmetic doctor. We believe cosmetic treatments should look natural, embracing a fresh and rejuvenated aesthetic that simply brings to life what was always there.

From body sculpting, cosmetic injectables and skin boosters, Lumea Aesthetics specialises in a deep understanding of all our treatments, while providing a safe, welcoming and relaxed environment. We work closely with each client to personally find the best solution to achieve their unique aesthetic goals.

We take the time to provide personalised treatment advice that boost your confidence with the results you seek.