Facial Slimming

A simple, non-surgical treatment to gently reshape the contours of your jawline.

Achieve a different aesthetic for your face, or combat the effects of teeth grinding.

A squared jaw is a beautiful, natural face shape for many people. Emphasised, square-shaped jawlines can also be a side effect of bruxism, or teeth grinding. If you’re looking for an easier, non-surgical solution to narrow the appearance of a strong jaw, our slimming treatment is a great option that helps convert a square-shaped face to one more oval or v-shaped.


By injecting anti-wrinkle into the main muscle of the jaw – the masseter muscle – the squareness of the jaw can be reduced significantly, and if you grind your teeth the effects of bruxism may also be reduced. The procedure has next to no downtime, you start to see the results by days 2-7, which peak at around four weeks and can last up to six months.

Facial Slimming Melbourne

Is facial slimming right for me?

Injections directly into the main jaw muscle, the same used in anti-wrinkle treatments, can significantly reduce both the squareness of the face and the effects of teeth grinding. This can also help with jaw pain and headaches, that if left untreated can lead to teeth damage.

How does facial slimming work?

The treatment helps slim prominent jawlines, creating an softer overall shaped face. Much like a bodybuilder no longer lifting weights, it reduces the strength of the jaw muscle which then reduces its size, leading to a slimmer appearance. Effects can start to be seen from days two seven, and will peak at around four weeks after treatment.

What can cause my square jaw?

The masseter muscle is the main muscle used for biting and grinding, and is particularly strong in comparison to other muscles in the face. Bruxism is a condition characterised by teeth grinding and excessive clenching of the jaw, which can have consequences such as the blunting of teeth, headaches, temporomandibular joint problems, and an increase in the size of the masseter muscles that result in a widening of the jawline and a square appearance of the face.

What other complementary treatments are there?

Chin fillers can work in tandem with jawline slimming treatments, giving the face more of an oval or v-shape. Using small amounts of dermal filler, usually no more than 1ml, we can expertly place these injections to enhance the chin. This a popular treatment in combination with facial slimming as it softens the jaw and elongates the chin, lasting between six months or more and even longer with retreatments.

What to expect

The procedure has minimal downtime and begins to work in three to seven days, peaking at four weeks and can last up to six months initially, depending on the strength of the muscle and how the anti-wrinkle injection is metabolised. You will still be able to eat normally, however some clients notice the muscle tiring easily when chewing tougher foods.


We perform small injections of anti-wrinkle into the masseter muscle. This prevents the muscle from contracting, and over a period of time, the muscle weakens and reduces in size.


With repeated treatments, which are recommended, the muscle atrophies, with some patients no longer needing ongoing treatments, requiring only occasional maintenance doses.