The latest in high-intensity frequency ultrasound to lift, tighten and sculpt stubborn areas quickly and effectively.

Achieve a natural-looking, rejuvenated appearance without surgery or downtime.

High-intensity focussed ultrasound (usually simply called ‘HIFU’) is a non-surgical treatment with next to no downtime, designed to address the effects of time and gravity on your skin around the face, neck and decolletage areas, as well as many areas on the body. 


There are two main ways our HIFU device delivers results: by lifting and tightening the skin, working in partnership with your body’s own regenerative and healing processes; or destroying targeted subcutaneous fat to sculpt stubborn areas.


One popular treatment is known as the ‘lunchtime facelift’, where our 4D HIFU system works to smooth lines and wrinkles, stimulating production of collagen and elastin that works over time. No surgery, needles, fillers, medication or creams – just natural, noticeable results

Is HIFU the right treatment for me?

High intensity, high frequency targeted ultrasound lifts, contours and smoothes areas that may need some care and attention.

How does HIFU work?

HIFU is a device that uses ultrasonic energy in combination with heat to target the deep, structural muscles and tissues of the skin at various depths, depending on the area being treated. It can effectively target the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (or SMAS) layer of the skin which sits between the muscle and fat – the layer a plastic surgeon tightens during a surgical facelift.


The treatment stimulates a natural process known as neocollagenesis, to produce new fibres and collagen which has a tightening effect from the inside out, with no damage to the skin’s surface or surrounding tissues.


On a different setting, HIFU can target and destroy fat cells deep within the skin, reshaping and sculpting stubborn areas on the body.

When will I see results and how long do they last?

Initial results are fast and are seen immediately. For the lunchtime facelift and other lifting treatments that start your body’s wound healing process, our patients see clinically significant tissue lift and tightening continue to develop over the following two to three months.


For treatments that focus on fat destruction or body contouring, results can be seen after two to four months.


Since the procedure stimulates your own collagen production process, how long results last really depends on what that looks like for you. Your natural ageing process and lifestyle will also determine how long visible results can be seen.

Where does HIFU work best?

HIFU is an excellent anti-ageing and tightening solution for many areas around the face and body, making it a very versatile treatment option.


Around the face, we can target anywhere you may want a tightening and brightening effect, making it an effective non-invasive facelift. We can target anything from forehead and frown lines, eyes, eyebrows, crow’s feet and hooded eyelids, to cheeks, sagging neck skin, double chins and jowl lines.


For the body, HIFU works well as a body contouring treatment that destroys fat cells deep under the skin so it’s highly effective for the legs, arms, hips and flanks.

What is the downtime for HIFU treatment?

One of the best parts of a HIFU treatment is that there is no downtime. After the procedure you can resume normal activities immediately, without needing to follow any specific post-treatment measures and it has little effect on your skincare, tanning or makeup routines either. Many people even drop by during their lunch break – that’s how quick and simple it is!

Is HIFU treatment enough?

Our general advice is one course with maintenance as required. For many patients, one course that includes two sessions is enough to achieve a specific result, particularly if you’re wanting to look your best for an event.


Everyone’s needs are different however, based on the degree of skin laxity, your natural response to ultrasound energy and your skin’s collagen building ability, so some do benefit from additional treatments.


And of course as skin continues to age, you may want future touch-up treatments to keep up with your body’s natural ageing process.

What to expect with a HIFU treatment

After an initial consultation with our experienced therapist to ensure HIFU is the best way to achieve your desired aesthetic outcome, you’ll simply come into our Collingwood clinic, lie down and the HIFU device will be placed over the skin. This looks a little like an ultrasound wand, or even a smaller pen-like version, depending on the area being treated. 


The time it takes will depend on the area and your tailored treatment plan, however a face and neck procedure usually takes 60 to 90 minutes, while a single body area can take around 60 minutes. 


During the treatment, you’ll feel small pricks of heat as the energy being deposited into the skin, indicating that neocollagenesis has begun. The sensation can be a little odd but it isn’t painful for the majority of our patients. 


Afterwards, the skin might appear flushed but redness should disappear within a few hours. You should see some initial results almost immediately, but the main improvements will develop over the following two to three months as your body naturally regenerates collagen.