Top Five Skincare Tips from a Cosmetic Doctor

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Top Five Skincare Tips from a Cosmetic Doctor

When it comes to their skin, most of my clients come to me with similar goals of a clear, glowing complexion that radiates health. Whether this is achieved with skincare products or aesthetic treatments – or both – my philosophy is straightforward: less is more. A tailored regime is an important part in maintaining the results of an aesthetic treatment, but just like how I aim for the minimal amount of treatment to achieve what my client wants, layering product upon product doesn’t mean you’ll get magically better skin. 

For the best results in the complex world of skincare, it’s best to get a cosmetic doctor on your side, but there are five key recommendations I find myself giving over and over again – because they work and can be applied to almost anyone.  


  1. You can wash your face too much.

Staying within my mantra of keeping it simple is the fact that it is possible to overwash your face. Most people only need a good cleanser in the evening to wash away the day’s dirt and pollutants, but in the morning a rinse with water will usually suffice – however feel free to reverse this process if you’re a night shift worker! Overwashing can strip the natural oils your skin produces and can leave your face feeling dry and tight. Overall, listen to your skin – it will tell you if something isn’t right with your regime. 


Some exceptions include after swimming or a workout where it’s a good idea to cleanse off the residue of salt water, chlorine or sweat; and if you’re doing this a lot I recommend a gentle cleansing oil which won’t disrupt that natural barrier.


  1. Don’t be too brand loyal.
    There’s no need to keep to only one brand for your skincare routine if it doesn’t work for you. When I’m developing a routine for a client, I’ll often pick and choose exactly what they need from multiple brands. You’ll find skincare companies offer three or even more-step systems they obviously wish you to adopt, but this isn’t always the best route to take; sometimes a cleanser from one brand is perfect but its accompanying moisturiser isn’t right for one person’s skin, for example. Some people don’t even need a moisturiser! It all simply depends on the individual’s skin needs.



  1. Embrace the no makeup day.
    For the health of the skin, I always recommend removing all traces of make up off at the end of the day and not keeping it on overnight; it’s simply not meant to be worn continuously for so long. A good way to help you stick to this is to take it off as soon as you get home – often if you leave it just before bed it doesn’t happen!  It’s a good idea to give your skin a break at least a few days a week, giving your skin room to breathe and your skincare the space to do its job. 


And for me, I’ve found becoming comfortable with how you look without covering up is always a bonus for your confidence.


  1. Invest in medical-grade skincare.
    Making the switch from ‘over the counter’ skin care products, or those found in supermarkets and pharmacies to medical-grade cosmeceuticals is the first and best step you can make towards the long term health of your skin. Yes, they’re pricier but with good reason; active ingredients like retinols, niacinamide and a host of formulated vitamins and minerals work much deeper than standard products, bypassing the topmost epidermis layer and truly transforming the skin and improving various skin concerns from the inside out. And they need to be in the right dose; over the counter products recently do have these active ingredients but often the dose is too low to be effective, making them little more than a buzzword. 



Remember to be patient, consistent and give your new professional regime time to work; you won’t see results overnight. The deep level at which these products work often means they need four weeks or more to work through the skin’s natural regeneration process and show a visible difference.


  1. Do not skip the sunscreen.
    Sunscreen is essential for all skin: use it, at any age, every day. It should go without saying that protecting the skin from the sun’s rays is the number one way to keep it smooth, elastic and beautiful – and cancer-free. We can deliver some amazing results with our treatments, but prevention should always be the first step to ensure a glowy, clear complexion.


There’s never any excuse to not put on sunscreen: even if you’re tired, even if you’re only going outside for a little, even if it’s overcast and even if you’re staying inside, as sitting by a window still puts you in contact with harmful UV rays that come down strong through clouds, especially down here in Australia. And do it properly, not forgetting the back of your hands, your neck, decolletage, over your eyelids and even on your ears. 


I start each new client with a personal consultation  – this is where I really get to know you, your skin and what you’re looking for. From here I can help develop a skincare regime that’s built just for you and what your skin needs. I look forward to seeing you soon. 


Best wishes,

Dr Toro & The Lumea Aesthetics Team