The Lumea Philosophy: How We Work With You to Achieve Your Aesthetic Objectives

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The Lumea Philosophy: How We Work With You to Achieve Your Aesthetic Objectives

At Lumea, we do things a little differently. Here, it’s all about you: understanding your unique situation and desired outcomes, supporting you throughout the entire process and ultimately empowering you to embrace the freedom that comes with being confident in how you look.

We specialise in highly personalised treatment plans featuring our state-of-the art, non-surgical options performed by experts who genuinely care about your long-term wellbeing. Core to what we do is the belief that cosmetic treatments should look natural, embracing a fresh aesthetic that simply brings to life what was always there.


We make it as easy as possible

If it’s your first time visiting a cosmetic clinic, learning about the different treatments, weighing up your options and making decisions can be a daunting task. Even if you’re an experienced client, it can still be overwhelming. Our experienced doctors and clinicians are here to guide you through the whole process and answer all your questions – there’s no such thing as a silly one!

We may recommend one treatment, or we may find several working in tandem will achieve what you want. Our process is not rote or prescriptive; each treatment plan, product, care and recommendation is as unique as each client.

They also always have busy lives to get back to, so we only offer non-surgical treatment options that have little to no downtime; we are proof you can get incredible results without weeks or months of pain and bruising.


Keeping it simple and natural 

We are all about helping you embrace your individuality with simple, effective treatments that work with your natural contours. With the rise in social media, some people come to clinics like ours looking for a specific look they’ve seen, but don’t be surprised if our experts pushing back if they feel it won’t work for you – there are no ‘duck’ lips around here!

We recommend the safest, easiest and most effective way to reach your desired look. But as artists, we understand symmetry and line, ensuring your result is even, beautiful, natural and most of all – you. Your vision combined with our expertise leads to the kind of results that elicit a ‘wow, you look amazing’ rather than a ‘ooh, you’ve had work done’.


End-to-end personal support and care

Every treatment plan starts with an in-depth, one-on-one consultation which is where our collaboration begins. Here we discover what your ultimate outcome looks like, but also things like your lifestyle, current grooming and beauty regime, what you are or aren’t comfortable with.

We are honest and open about the risks and rewards, precisely how the procedure happens and what you can expect going in, and after you’ve come out. Our experts are always at the end of an email or phone call to answer your questions, and in most cases we like to personally follow up with a free review consultation after your treatment. We can also recommend skincare and other products that will maximise and maintain the results you love.

We aim to build a long-term relationship with you that’s built on trust and a dedication towards maintaining your ideal look long after your first visit to our clinic. We look forward to seeing you soon.


Best wishes,

Dr Toro & The Lumea Aesthetics Team